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Brennan shares the secrets to using emails to build relationships and increase your revenue.

Show Notes

Brennan shares the secrets to using emails to build relationships and increase your revenue.

Today, I’m talking to Brennan Dunn, the founder of Palladio, co-founder of RightMessage, and general email expert. As a newsletter author myself, I took to this opportunity to learn as much as possible about personalizing and optimizing my email strategy. You’ll also hear what most people get wrong in email marketing. Here’s Brennan.

00:00:00 Brennan Dunn
00:00:48 What is up with email clients?
00:05:05 Integrating with large platforms
00:08:34 Maybe build a competitor?
00:12:12 Emails and metadata
00:16:20 Email personalization and how it works
00:22:07 How do you get started with this?
00:25:28 Focusing time and effort on certain platforms
00:31:24 The difference between an email list and a newsletter
00:36:30 The importance of segmentation
00:41:06 Use segmentation to increase your list
00:48:56 Customer centric marketing
00:54:24 Is email the right medium to de-risk?
00:59:20 Don’t over-saturate

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