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Did you know that chronic Lyme disease is not officially recognized as an illness by the conventional medical community? Unfortunately the fallout from this oversight is that many suffering with persistent and devastating symptoms have slipped through the treatment cracks. My guest Dr Dan Kinderlehrer has dedicated his professional life to helping patients with chronic tick-borne illness get their lives back.

Show Notes

Controversies regarding the treatment of Lyme disease abound. This episode is chock full of helpful information…and for people struggling with chronic Lyme disease, hopefully some validation. 

In this episode, Dan discusses:
  • The history of Lyme disease
  • The “Lyme Wars”
  • Prevalence
  • Where Lyme cases are found
  • The “myth” of Lyme in the medical world
  • Symptoms of chronic vs acute Lyme
  • The role of trauma and stress
  • Co-infections
  • Contributing factors to the severity of the disease
  • The role of belief
  • Three components of the immune system
  • Epigenetic influence
  • The importance of social connection
  • His holistic approach to treatment
  • Recent study with adolescents diagnosed with mental illness
  • Brains of fire
  • Potential impact on mental health
  • Hyper-inflammation 
  • Ways to activate the parasympathetic nervous system
Dan Kinderlehrer:
Dan’s Book: Recovery From Lyme Disease 

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