Your Partners In Pain

In episode seventeen, Alexandria speaks to social worker, Jennifer King. Listeners learn all about the Mac iOPs/Chronic Pain Clinic at USask, the importance of addressing trauma when living with pain, the intricacies of the nervous system, and mind strategies and somatic therapies that can help with pain management.

Show Notes

In episode seventeen, we are speaking to chronic pain social worker, Jennifer King, who works with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals at the MaciOPS/Chronic Pain Clinic at the University of Saskatchewan (which she teaches us all about)! Jennifer shares her journey that has led her to becoming a social worker involved in chronic pain, and the specialized role they have in supporting patients with pain. 

Jennifer is all about “meeting people where they are at” - she touches on the importance learning about the nervous system, various mind strategies she uses in her practice, and what somatic therapies are. She walks us through some amazing pain education on the “protective” and “restorative” mechanisms that can worsen or improve pain, and gives us a primer of what a meeting with a social worker for pain management may look like.

Jennifer’s practice is incredibly client-centred and individualized, and she has a lot to say about the importance of addressing trauma in the body as a first step in healing. She also has great insight for health care providers and local representatives on how to help improve management, and leaves us with some great tools about how to help advocate for change – for yourself as a patient, or for pain care more broadly in Canada. 

We love Jennifer’s fresh perspective, and you can reach out to her directly via her private practice at the following website:

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