Sales Transformation

In this episode of Sales Transformation, host Collin Mitchell is joined by guest Amy Hrehovcik, a sales expert focused on teaching reps how to capture and maintain the attention of buyers. They discuss creative ways to prospect and the importance of understanding the broader scope of the business problem that sales reps address. Amy shares her experience using the speaking circuit for conferences and the value of speaking at live events. They also explore the idea of learning alongside buyers and building relationships with influencers and industry publications.

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Collin Mitchell (Partner, Leadium)

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Amy Hrehovcik (Sales Enabler, Host of the Revenue Reel Hotline Podcast)

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Leadium | The leader in outbound sales appointment setting

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What is Sales Transformation?

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Our mission is simple: to illuminate the path to extraordinary sales leadership. We explore a broad spectrum of sales territories, from the intricacies of Founder Led Sales and Outbound Sales to the transformative potential of Technology in Sales and Social Selling. Whether it's mastering your CRM, optimizing conversions, scaling sales teams, or engineering a complete Sales Transformation, our conversations are set to challenge the status quo and redefine sales success.

With a new content every day of the week, we bring you unfiltered interviews with the luminaries of sales, people who have not just succeeded but transformed the way we think about sales. Collin Mitchell also shares sharp, tactical sales tips every week, packing decades of sales wisdom into bite-sized insights.

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