Fun with Miss Honeychurch

Hello everyone. It’s songtime. Please join in with this fun song made up by Miss Honeychurch. I think you’ll enjoy it. The bunnies love this one. Have fun little fishies!

Show Notes

The Fishy Song

 I’m a green stripey fishy and I live in the sea
 My home is the ocean where I swim swim free x 2

 I’m a dolphin and I live in the ocean
 The ocean and the sea
 Watch out little green stripey fishy
 I’m coming for my tea…


Swim swim little fishy
Swim away swim away
If I catch you for my dinner
You’ll become my prey x 2

I may be a very tiny fishy
I may be very small
But if I sing sing sing sing loudly
My friends will hear my call…


What is Fun with Miss Honeychurch?

Come and have fun with Miss Honeychurch and the bunny rabbits, Pumpkin, Peanut and Pickles.