#5Things: This Week in Social

Not only has Twitter finally added an Edit button, but we’ve got five more important things to note in Social - including Instagram’s new commerce updates, info on Meta’s video algorithms, Twitter’s support for podcasts, and more on this week’s edition of the #5Things.
The Things: 
  1. Instagram Streamlines Platform Commerce Features
  2. Twitter Adds Podcast Support & New Audio Options
  3. Meta Provides Clarity into Video Content Algorithms
  4. Snap Outlines Goals for the Future After Staffing Shifts
  5. Twitter Shares Insight into Football Conversations Ahead of Season Start
Sources: Social Media Today, The Verge, Tech Crunch, Twitter
Hosts: Joey Scarillo, Amanda Davis, Khaila Sloan
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Creators & Guests

Joey Scarillo
Danielle Hunt
Samantha Geller

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