Curious Humans with Jonny Miller

"It’s as though our endocrine system is deciphering our postural positions like a person reading braille & actually changing our mood based on the signalling of our movement. It appears your hormones may act like messengers." – Aaron Alexander

Show Notes

Aaron is a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach, founder and creator of the Align Method.

I'm currently looking at Aaron's book (The Align Method) & it's one of the books that has most impacted my relationship with not just fitness and movement, but a new philosophy of seeing the world as a playground and the fact that I'm recording this whilst squatting ~ is in part thanks to the wisdom and research that he shares.

This is one hell of a fun conversation packed with big ideas and super practical takeaways ~ we range from talking about the value of play and emotional fluidity ~ to post-ejaculatory experiences and a mini-masterclass in how to leverage your physiology & posture to change how you feel.

“I believe the way to obtain true, optimal health is through aligning our mind, body, and movement. The fundamentals are simple and I’m here to help.” 
– Aaron Alexander

🔗  Resources & Links to Aaron's Work

Follow Aaron over on Instagram @alignpodcast
🎙️  Listen to his phenomenal podcast 'Align Podcast'
Grab a copy of Aaron's book The Align Method
Explore Aaron's upcoming 6-week course


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