Embracing the Battle

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Embracing the Battle by Laura Kasbar - B - Introduction

Show Notes

The day before publication I received last minute review edits from a person whose literary advice I highly esteem. She told me that I had too many irrelevant details which, although interesting, aren’t necessary to the story. She also said that in some places it was a bit too personal.

I want to tell the reader that I know all of this.

I know that I wrote this book from a very personal place.

I know that I have added details that seem irrelevant to the story.

I know that it is a departure from other books on this subject.

I did this because I want you to know me, and to know that I am not Superwoman. My children are not one-in-abillion
savants. I make mistakes. I fail.

The grace of God alone has saved me from falling on my face. (Oh, and I also know that “you’re not supposed to talk about God.”)

The writing may be amateurish, but it is genuine. I ask you all to reserve judgement (on anything) until the end of the book as things tend to take a dramatic turn as time goes on. My goal is not to win a Pulitzer Prize (which is well beyond my ability anyway). I wrote this book because I want you to know what is possible, and to demonstrate how old-fashioned ingenuity can and needs to permeate our everyday life. I want to warn you to not let your failures deprive you of your successes.

A path to happiness can always be found, even if the destination changes half way through the journey.

And who’s to say that your new destination won’t be one thousand times more beautiful than the place you thought you were going?

What is Embracing the Battle?

Embracing the Battle by Laura Kasbar