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This week on the podcast Mikki chats to Bob Seebahor, the dietitian that created the term 'metabolic efficiency' and changed the way we viewed fuel for athletes.

Show Notes

This week on the podcast Mikki chats to Bob Seebahor, the dietitian that created the term 'metabolic efficiency' and changed the way we viewed fuel for athletes. We discuss his background and how he changed his thinking around nutrition for training and performance to develop concepts around nutrition periodisation and metabolic efficiency. Mikki and Bob discuss what being'metabolic efficient' actually means and how to integrate this into training and racing for optimal health and performance.

Bob is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, the former Director of Sports Nutrition for the University of Florida and served as a Sport Dietitian for the US Olympic Committee. Bob traveled to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games as a Sport Dietitian for the US Olympic Team and the personal Sport Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist for the Olympic Triathlon Team. Currently, Bob owns eNRG Performance and is the Sport Dietitian for the University of Denver Women’s Gymnastics Team.

Bob has a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science, a master's degree in Health and Exercise Science and a second master's degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. He is a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a High Performance Endurance Coach.  Bob specializes in enhancing health and improving performance by improving metabolic efficiency and using nutrition periodization, which provides varying nutrition recommendations based on an athlete’s sport, training cycle, health and performance goals. He has a true passion for food and this has led Bob to creating two food companies that support his Metabolic Efficiency Training Concept: Birota Foods and All Around Snack Co.

Practicing what he preaches, Bob has been an athlete his entire life growing up playing competitive soccer. During his undergraduate studies, he turned to endurance sports and has competed in many endurance events including the Boston Marathon, six Ironman races, the Leadville 100 mile trail running race (twice), the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race (twice), and in 2009, Bob became a Leadman, completing all six of the Leadville endurance events in 7 weeks. Bob enjoys challenging himself and will regularly compete in triathlon, cycling, obstacle course racing, and ultra-running. He enjoys exploring the depths of human performance through his daily training adventures.

Bob can be reached at: https://www.enrgperformance.com/
Bob's books on Metabolic Efficiency, fuelling for specific sports and sodium/caffeine protocols: https://www.enrgperformance.com/ebooks

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