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Are you being yourself? How can embracing yourself (or your business) create opportunity—or simply feel better? Featuring Alex Medick's experience growing his digital marketing business nearly 50% as a solopreneur.

Show Notes

The theme this week is simple: Be yourself. 

Can you think of ways that embracing yourself (or your business) might help you? Whether it's closing a deal, hiring someone, or just navigating a tough situation with a little more grace. 

This episode features the first guest submission from friend of the show Alex Medick. Alex is a freelance full stack digital marketer—or at least, that's how he describes himself these days. Learn about that evolution and how his business is up nearly 50% as a result.

Learn more about Alex's work by visiting his website: https://alexmedick.com/ You can also find Alex on Twitter @alexjmedick.


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What is Pipeline Meeting?

If you feel alone managing your business' sales pipeline... Welcome! Consider this your invitation to join Harris Kenny for a regular sales Pipeline Meeting. We will discuss finding new business and pricing. Things like getting ghosted. Winning proposals, new technology, and a lot more. Brought to you by Intro CRM.