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This week's guest in Scott Rogers, a veteran on the video game and board game industry. We talk about his start, creating games and his death row meal!

Show Notes

Where he wants to be found on twitter @mightybedbug and Facebook
Podcasts: Ludology, Fillory and Father
Q1: 2:44 From illustration to film to games
Changing mind at school
Scott’s apprenticeship
Q2: 6:20 Don’t have to wait to create
New reality about creating games
Creating video games v. board games
Q3: 10:25 Death Row Meal
Favorite game night snacks
Q4: 12:22 Curiosity create Games
Q5: 13:54 Read the book and Watch the movie
Q6: 16:09 Safe Scares and Giving
The unfortunate missing element of holidays
Final Word: Finish YOUR Creation 
Your secret weapon 

What is Demond Does?

Demond Does is where I do dope things with dope people such as:
The 6 Questions where the same 6 questions can tell a unique story,
U.S. Heroes where I talk about American heroes, of course.
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