No Dice (LIVE) | By Sexy Hackers Clothing

Episode 19 of Season 3 was streamed live Febuary 3, 2020, and featured Sam Hanson, Nick Firer, Stacy Pawlowski, Liv Shircel, David Lane, and "Bard" Brian Bayer. We hope to see you next Monday for the live show!

Show Notes

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What is No Dice (LIVE) | By Sexy Hackers Clothing?

Sexy Hackers Clothing presents NO DICE : Improvised Dungeons and Dragons without DICE!

The show that recreates the experience of a tabletop roleplaying game, live on every Monday at 7PM Central with some of Milwaukee's best comedians. There's only one catch -- with no dice, what happens in the adventure is left entirely up to the audience and performers! If you can't make the Monday night live show you can listen to all the shows here on this awesome podcast as we publish them here weekly!