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Dr. Penrose interviews a patient that went through back pain and sciatica at Penrose Physical Therapy. Rosemarie tells her journey of how she suffered for several months before realizing physical therapy was an option. She even says “I thought physical therapy was for when you break your arm.” Instead, she now promotes physical therapy as a first line intervention if you are in pain or limited in your capacity. She went from disabled and unable to drive to back to full function at the age of 79.

Show Notes

Strong Hips and Core
Jennifer Penrose’s Podcast: Stay Healthy South Sound (
Run Forever: The Secrets to Common Walking & Running Injuries by Jennifer Penrose, DPT
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What is Stay Healthy South Sound?

On the Stay Healthy South Sound Podcast, we provide tips on staying healthy and expose common myths about health and aging so you can enjoy a healthier and active life in the amazing South Sound. This podcast is brought to you by Dr. Jennifer Penrose owner of Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy.