Some Nobodies: Chasing Kevin Smith

Zack and Dylan of Some Nobodies decide, due to Dylan's lack of Smith knowledge, to watch, re-watch and dissect all of Kevin Smith's films.

Show Notes

Some Nobodies has a plethora of podcasts: Silicon Angels, the Podcast Podcast, I'm Nobody and Talking UpStream to name a few. While making and creating, it dawned on Some Nobodies, specifically Zack, that Dylan had not seen any of Kevin Smith films. Zack could not let this rest. Follow them as their friendship grows all while watching Kevin Smiths directing.
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What is Some Nobodies: Chasing Kevin Smith?

Zack and Dylan of Some Nobodies have so many things in common. Turns out, they fight about one thing; their love of Kevin Smith. Zack loves his work while Dylan refuses to engage. Now, they are taking the time to dissect and engage with every movie in Smith directing filmography!