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All startups have to expand beyond their native country at some point. In this episode, I sat down to talk to an expert on this topic. Jeetu grew Hubspot’s operation to 7 countries which contributes to 40% of overall company revenues. So he is a pro at this. In this jam-packed episode, Jeetu shares the framework Hubspot uses to evaluate new regions, their playbook for launching into any new geo, metrics for evaluating global expansion, pricing and packaging, hiring, and the importance of culture for a successful expansion.

This is a must-listen for any company interested in expanding beyond their native country.

Show Notes

  • [1:12] - What are you responsible for at Hubspot?
  • [2:08] - Why did they choose you to lead international expansion?
  • [4:30] - What are the criteria Hubspot considered to determine the timing for expansion?
  • [6:45] - How did you think about mapping and prioritizing different countries in Europe?
  • [11:24] - What is the playbook for launching into a new country?
  • [24:58] - How does hiring differ across Europe, Asia, Australia?
  • [29:03] - How did sales differ from geo to geo?
  • [31:39] - Advice to CEOs on international expansion and metrics to evaluate the progress.
  • [37:59] - How did you budget for each new geo you went into?
  • [45:27] - What would you do differently today?  Will you change your strategy today because inbound and content creation is not novel anymore
  • [53:05] - Determining pricing and packaging for different markets
  • [54:28] - How have you handled Asia?

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