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It's no doubt you've seen ads, and have likely seen news articles buzzing with hype about Opportunity Zones in the US. And while details are continuing to come out regarding some of the rules and stipulations, one company found themselves way ahead of the curve with a product that is specific to Opportunity Zones. Stefan Schimenes is the CEO and Founder of InvestReal. InvestReal is described as the, "first data-driven real estate marketplace focused on matching investors to projects in Opportunity Zones all over the US". So, just how is it possible Stefan and his team were able to create such a specific service in response to Opportunity Zones so quickly? Well, for that answer you'll just have to listen in to this episode!

Show Notes

InvestReal is a data-driven real estate marketplace connecting investors with developers in Qualified Opportunity Zone projects, supported by artificial intelligence. Our platform allows accredited investors to evaluate listed QOZ projects with standardized and transparent metrics, and invest at the project level with the developer partner to mitigate the inefficiency of blind pool funds and crowdfunding models. Additionally, our proprietary machine learning algorithms consolidate and process expansive data sets into digestible market health indices in a comprehensive dashboard display. The user-friendly interface includes: our exclusive InvestReal OZ Score, predictive analytics, an interactive map, and the capability to custom-rank OZs based on selected factors.

Connect with Stefan, and learn more about InvestReal!

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