Passport Comedy Podcast

In this episode we interview Jan Scott Forman and how he started doing comedy in Turkey after living here 20+ years as a US citizen. We also interview hosts brother Mumun Gencoglu, global drug policy regulator and his NFL enthusiasm.

Show Notes

Jan Scott Forman came here from America on a Mavi Tour more than 20 years ago, liked what he saw, STAYED and has been sharing his uniquely hilarious perspective on being a Yabanci in modern Türkiye in English AND in Turkish...,well, in his Turkish!

Mumun Gencoglu lives in Switzerland for the last 15 years. After finalizing his academic career with a Phd he decided to work for a "non-profit" organization for a global drug policy lobbying company. He mainly wants to be acknowledged by his deep understanding of NFL.

What is Passport Comedy Podcast?

Interviews with comedians and creators from all around the world at TuzBiber FM studios in Istanbul.