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We're not playing games this month. I wanted to create some serious energy from a darker set of tracks, yet still provide that clinical tech sound I love so much. All the big names appear here with some more unknown that really work early on.
Expect tracks from Khen, Quivver, Oliver Schories, Tibi Dabo, Mononoid, Kamilo Sanclemente and many more.
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Show Notes

  1. Beanfield – Tides feat. Bajka (C’s Movement #1) (Carl Craig Remix)
  2. Tibi Dabo – Her Moon (Original Mix)
  3. Oliver Schories - Mala (Original Mix)
  4. Quivver – 8 Bit Eclipse (Kandar & Morning Remix)
  5. Johnny Messina - Horizon (Original Mix)
  6.  Quivver – 8 Bit Eclipse (The Wash Remix)
  7. Kamilo Sanclemente – Mandhala (Original Mix)
  8. Armin Miran – Another Green Mile (Original Mix)
  9. Hraach & Armin Miran – Light (Original Mix)
  10. Mononoid – Argo (Original Mix)
  11. Forerunners & Mir Omar – Time Interrupted (Subandrio Remix)
  12. Quivver – Edges (Original Mix)
  13. Anton MAKe – Stardust On My Shoes (Subandrio Remix)
  14. Sanja & Llona Maras – Curve Of the Horizon Feat Billie Fountain
  15. Super Flu - Acumulee (Original Mix)
  16. Oliver Weiter – Toyger (Mees Salome Remix)
  17. Khen - April Storm (Original Mix)
  18. Ezequiel Arias & Interaxxis - Lumi (Original Mix)
  19. Khen & Guy Mantzur – Where is Home (Original Mix)
  20. NOIYSE PROJECT - Time Flies (Analog Jungs Remix)
  21. Danny Jarvis Feat. David Attenborough – The Message
  22. Cid Inc. - Forgotten (Original Mix)
  23. Michael A – Synthesia
  24. Maceo Plex – When the Lights Go Out (Late Night Mix)

What is Danny Jarvis?

From Deep House to deep Progressive House & every genre in between. I love all music with real emotion and shifting energy. My methods are simple:

Flawless mixing, crafted programming and careful track selection with the listener or dance floor in mind.