The Bookening

The Bookening talks William Shakespeare's Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2.

Show Notes

Hooray, it's our episode on William Shakespeare's Henry IV. Which part you ask? We're doing both parts in one amazing episode. You'll hear our heroes' theories on whether Hal was faking it or he really loved Falstaff, whether Falstaff is still funny in 2019, and whom to reward and whom to punish when you suddenly become king, or manager of McDonalds for that matter. Plus Brandon goes to Washington, Jake works in Apple and Microsoft somehow. All in all, it's an episode of The Bookening. Yay! Listen now.

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What is The Bookening?

3 guys—a pastor, a scholar, and their gleeful provocateur—discuss the great books. We take God and literature seriously—but the second one not overly so.