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If you feel stuck trying to create a solid year’s worth of content ideas, here is how you do it in 2 hours!

Show Notes

I hear a lot of people compare the New Year to a blank piece of paper.

On the one hand, that’s great! A fresh slate! On the other hand, there is nothing scarier than a blank piece of paper when you need to fill it with ideas.

Just a few weeks ago, I sat down at my desk to create my 2021 editorial calendar. That’s where I put down all of the topics that I want to cover in my podcast, blog, webinars, and YouTube videos. Let me tell you, coming up with 52+ fresh ideas is NOT easy!

And I know that I’m not alone. Many of the small business owners I talk with also have trouble generating content ideas.

As a professional digital marketer and content creator - I am no stranger to these struggles. In today’s podcast, I will share ways to stimulate ideas when it comes to content creation.  I am happy to say that you will quickly come up with your content with these tried and true steps in no time!

Are you ready to save time and get started? Tune in now!

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