LiftingLindsay's More Than Fitness

  • (00:14) - A question I get all the time is...
  • (02:12) - It comes down to how much you move
  • (06:15) - Start from where you're at
  • (09:35) - Release the pressure on ourselves to be her
  • (10:14) - Relinquish the desire for the outcome she has
  • (14:34) - What if it's not an either or
  • (16:40) - What if you actually eat the same amount?
  • (23:53) - Lining up our actions with our values
  • (27:10) - It's hard to know what you need to know in fitness
  • (32:29) - As humans, we crave connection

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Creators & Guests

Wife and mother of three. I have a deep passion for learning and teaching. I also really love lifting weights and fitness.

What is LiftingLindsay's More Than Fitness?

Dive into the joy of fitness with Lindsay and other guests exploring how it goes well and beyond the gym floor, the number on the scale, the size of your waist or the calories you're counting.