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This week we are talking movies and comic books and all things awesome with our guest, comedian and podcaster Jackie Kashian.

Show Notes

In this week's episode Patrick and Jeff welcome podcaster ( The Dork Forest, The Jackie and Laurie Show) and comedian Jackie Kashian to the podcast.  Jackie joins us to talk about The Old Guard with Charlize Theron and Project Power with Jamie Fox and Joseph Gordon Lovett (#JGL). Patrick also talked about the tv show Black Lightening. Jackie suggested the movie Guardians, a Russian version of Avengers. Jeff talks about movie Extra Ordinary. I fun filled episode of awesomeness. Be sure to check out Jackie's stand up comedy albums and subscribe to her two podcasts, The Dork Forest and The Jackie and Laurie Show. 

What is Parental Advisory Movie Podcast ?

A movie podcast where two dads, Jeff and Patrick talk about movies that they have seen with and without their children. They also discuss stories about taking their kids to the movies.