FamilyLife Canada Podcast

How can we nurture care and understanding in our children for those who struggle to have basic needs met? Sharol Josephson joins Allison Alley, President and CEO of Compassion Canada, to discuss how you, as a family, might cultivate a heart for those living in poverty.

Show Notes

Compassion Canada is a global leader in connecting children who live in extreme poverty to the resources and education they need so that they develop healthy bodies, minds, souls and relationships. Learn more here about Step into my Shoes and other resources to grow in compassion as a family. Why not get involved helping children and families affected by COVID-19!

What is FamilyLife Canada Podcast?

Do you ever wonder if your marriage and your family is normal? We’re Neil and Sharol Josephson and we’ve had the privilege of talking to thousands of couples across Canada. We know the questions they’re asking and the struggles they’re wrestling with in their marriage and parenting. In this podcast, we bring in some of our favourite teachers, authors, counsellors and relationship coaches — some of the people we’ve learned from — and we’ll also talk to real couples like you — doing real life in the real world. The discussions you’ll listen in on are honest, faith-based, funny at times, and most importantly, filled with help and hope. Great marriages and great families don’t just happen. So please join us for the FamilyLife Canada Podcast.