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This week we get into our grind by talking about the Battlegrind event that happened this past weekend. We share insights from the tournament and our feels on competitive battlegrounds.

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Tales from the Tavern
From @DiegoCentric via Discord

Its not the best of tales, but I 100% threw a game in which I went for a golden amalgam at the last second which let me discover a Mama Bear. Unfortunately, the rope was already in its last moments and I failed to consider that I already had two other Mama Bears on the board... meaning I went from double Mama Bear to zero Mama Bears on board. My army of 1/1s did nothing against the opponent after that, my amalgam dived into a poisonous minion the first chance it got, and the cherry on top was my Goldrinn surviving until it was the las minion on the board.

tl;dr: Golden mama bear was nothing but fool's gold. Got 3rd place anyway.

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What is Bob's TavernCast - A Hearthstone Battlegrounds Podcast?

Bob's TavernCast brings the latest news, strategies, and insight around the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Mode.