Huron City Radio. Fake Station-Real Funny

Where Tom drinks too much home made Egg-Nog. Enter the absurd world of Huron City Radio, with Tom Bobbajobski, broadcasting from The Kitten's Taint. Fake Station-Real Funny.

Show Notes

The Midnite Hour-Episode 11 - Christmas Special

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An hour of entertainment from Huron City and The Grey Water area.  Music comes from Dave Peters from Mountain babies and Jeremy Waun, and tonight's drama is 'My Favorite Reindeer,'

This week, it's the Christmas Special, where Tom's Phone In is about Christmas Traditions plus Tom's Christmas Carol Carol where people called Carol call in and sing a carol.

"Coming up a bit later is Christmas music time, where any listener named Carol, can simply call in, and sing us a 'Carol' in 'Tom's Christmas Carol Carol'!! See? That was me-that was my clever literary joke. No thanks to my useless producers-idiots." 

Plus all the regulars- Tom's Top Tips, the Underwater Weather report, What's On in Huron City,  and, of course, Tom's Poetry Pocket.

*The show is rated explicit for content because Tom leaks the occasional profanity. That's all. 

What is Huron City Radio. Fake Station-Real Funny?

Enter the absurd world of Huron City Radio. Original entertainment for the ears, featuring our flagship comedy program unlike any other, The Midnite Hour, with Tom Bobbajobski. Fake Station-Real Funny.