The Tournament Podcast

Yum yum PODCAST!!! New tourney for y'all. Back to back breakfast tournaments?! Say it ain't so... Vote here:

Show Notes

On this episode, we talk about another American favorite: the donut. Tangents include but aren't limited to: Disney World, our favorite local donut shops growing up, and MTV's The Challenge.

Voting Schedule:
Opening Round: Monday 8/29, Tuesday 8/30
Elite Eight: Wednesday 8/31, Thursday 9/1
Final Four: Friday 9/2
Championship: Saturday 9/3
Winner revealed on Monday 9/5!!!

Link to vote is right here, lil podholes.
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Creators & Guests

Nia D'Emilio
Host, Producer, and Editor of The Tournament Podcast. Musician, otherwise. Big Beach Boys fan all the time.
Trent Dozier
Host and Producer of The Tournament Podcast. Improviser/general comedian otherwise. Big fan of MTV's The Challenge all the time.

What is The Tournament Podcast?

The Tournament Podcast forces some of pop culture's touchstones into one of the world's favorite past times: a tournament to determine what's best! New episodes every Monday and Friday. Hosted by Nia D'Emilio and Trent Dozier.

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