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Are tech natives changing society's relationship with the internet by hacking for good? Plus, Hong Kong's freedom fighters take on China with laser pointer facial recognition disarmament tactics.

Show Notes

It's Techspert week at TIFO! Joining us is tech industry professional Jake Palanker. We're discussing ethical hackers and the potential for tech natives to change society's relationship with the Internet by hacking for good. Plus, we're talking about brave and ingenious teenage Hong Kong protesters and their laser pointer facial recognition disarmament tactics. Plus, where religion, philosophy and technology collide we must pose this confounding question: Are we a simulation? And, with two of our panelists shunning Facebook, we wonder what societal pushback they may be receiving. Also, what happens when you ask  Facebook how to delete Facebook?

What is Things I Found Online Podcast?

Premiere Radio Networks Founder Louise Palanker joins a panel of comedians to look at the ways in which we each look at the internet and the feedback loop that’s informing how we think and live. Regulars include Jamie Alcroft and Danny Mann.