Wild User Interviews (WUI)

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In this podcast we explore the essential elements to grow and nurture successful crypto communities: from recruiting and empowering new talent to seeding and fuelling new projects and initiatives. Join us for a fascinating talk with Ozymandius, founder of 4NTS and all-round Near Community legend.

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Silicon Craftsmen (Product and UX Guild @ Near)
Twitter - @uxisnear
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Near Protocol
Website - near.org
Twitter - @nearprotocol

What is Wild User Interviews (WUI)?

People, Product and Crypto.

Wild User Interviews is about open-sourcing open-ended conversations with the creative forces shaping up the decentralised world. In the wild, our guests range from Product Designers to Blockchain Architects, and include topics such as Philosophy and Proof-of-Stake. The common thread being our focus on the human side as he try to deconstruct the frameworks and processes to enable listeners to become the better version of themselves while venturing into the Metaverse.