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In this episode, Mike and Eric provide some advice on how to find balance with our smartphone and social media usage.

Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Eric provide some advice on how to be more mindful when it comes to smartphone and social media usage. Smartphones have evolved rapidly to include many features and conveniences, but is this doing more harm than good? In the age of smartphone addiction, it can be difficult to try to get a handle on how much time we are spending on our phones. Our experts discuss why a digital detox is a great way to allow yourself a necessary break from the “noise” and stimulus of your favorite technology. 

Key Topic Timestamps
  • 05:48 - How to reduce your usage of smartphones
  • 15:25 - A solution for mindless scrolling when you’re bored
  • 18:23 - The importance of being bored
  • 22:54 - Smartphone peer pressure at school
  • 27:18 - Limiting screen time with other devices
  • 32:43 - Digital detox
  • 35:39 - Tips for doing your own digital detox
  • 40:44 - Why you shouldn’t watch the news
  • 48:48 - Long form journalism vs. daily news
  • 54:07 - Self-imposing rules for digital usage
  • 56:33 - Recommended reading
  • 59:19 - Where to begin managing your own digital usage
  • 1:03:11 - Final thoughts
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