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The "crazy tennis parent" is a favorite target of a lot of people. But tennis parents do a lot to make the dream happen and deserve better. In this episode, we try to make the subtle distinction between a "good" tennis parent and a "bad" tennis parent.

Show Notes

Parental involvement is really important to your child's game and the future of your familial relationship - tennis can be something that you always talk about as everyone ages.

And tennis parents play a very important role in the development of their children.  All emotional, financial, and mental support these parents provide as their child works their way through the game is very serious.   These parents have the experience, perspective, resources, and tools that no one coach or mentor can ever possibly provide.  

But something happens along the way and we think we know what it is.  Too many tennis parents stay "outside" and off the court instead of getting on the court and inside the game.  They pay, but they don't play.  They become a customer and a critic but never have to deal with "how to make the dough" which cuts against their street cred they have with their own kid and creates unnecessary anxiety and resentment which can lead to resistance, burnout, and walking away from the sport.  

In essence what makes the crazy tennis parent is they become too much of a payor and not enough of a player.

In this episode, we take apart the tennis parent and pursue some possibilities that could make healthier relationships among coaches, parents, and players.    

Thanks for joining us on out journey!

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