Empathy to Impact

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Join me for a story of how personal connection and empathy ignited passion and empowered students to have an huge impact in our global community. In Episode 2, we met Nantume and Nkoba, two high school students who brought safe, clean drinking water to their village in Uganda impacting the lives of everyone in the community. On this episode we are going to revisit this story with the help of Jarry, Amy & Corina. These three leader-changemakers attend high school at XLIS in Xi’An, China. We are going to look at how personal connection and empathy inspired a whole community to get behind one student’s personal project half a world away. If you are involved in service learning, CAS, or personal projects, this is a call to action. Imagine if we looked at service learning through this model pioneered by XLIS. Imagine the impact that our students could have.

Show Notes

If you missed Episode 2 you can listen at this link or wherever you enjoy great podcasts.

What is Empathy to Impact ?

Dive into the voices & stories of students who own their learning & impact their communities. Brought to you by Inspire Citizens.