The Cashflow Contractor

We sat down with the owner of Ultimate Cabinets, Jeff Finney, to discuss the journey of an entrepreneur and his own personal success in business. It’s not always going to be pretty, you won’t always have a clear roadmap, and it won’t always be a huge success – and that’s okay. Ultimately, the tough times lead to learning opportunities. With Jeff’s ability to adapt and innovate, he’s become a great role model as a leader for his team and for other entrepreneurs. Listen to our interview to learn more about the changes and challenges that have made him so prosperous.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 04:00 - Evolution of a Coffee Drinker
  • 07:15 - We Hope You’re Hungry
  • 09:40 - Jeff's Background
  • 11:50 - How Jeff Started Woodworking
  • 22:50 - College? Y or N
  • 26:25 - The Value of Finance
  • 28:50 - Full-time Business Owner
  • 31:05 - Partner Conflicts + Dynamics
  • 37:50 - Going Solo
  • 40:00 - Making a Profit
  • 42:30 - Not Being a “Yes Man”
  • 55:00 - Build A Business To Sell
  • 1:02:00 - Getting Out Sales
  • 1:11:00 - Don't Focus On Sales Only
  • 1:22:00 - How to Scale

Quotable Moments
  • “For our young listeners out there, take the opportunity and look for the experience you can get. If you’re more focused on getting paid now, you’re not going to get as good of pay later.” – K
  • “I tell people all the time that you don’t need an MBA to succeed in business. I also say, an MBA will not in any way remotely assure that you will succeed in business.” – M
  • “There’s 2 ways to be educated and they both happen through experience. You can either get the experience yourself or you can pay for someone else’s experience to be passed down to you.” – K
  • “Profit is not new cars – profit is inventory, new machines, and innovating.” – M
  • “Your suppliers have no reluctance to tell you it just went up 15% and yet we, as the middleman between suppliers and their ultimate consumer, why are we reluctant?” – M
  • “I’m building my company to sell it – I’m not sure whether I ever do it or not, but I want to get it to that position where it could be sold.” – J
  • “Just because there’s a language and a culture barrier there, it doesn’t mean that there’s a talent barrier.” – K


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What is The Cashflow Contractor?

If you’re like most contractors we know, then you started your business because you’re passionate about and great at your craft. You also wanted to be your own boss. Owning a business has a lot of advantages, but also a lot of challenges.

We started this podcast to talk about things that matter to you as an owner, like business fundamentals, sales processes, marketing, leadership, and much more. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to reach your goals, whether that’s growth, getting your shop to run without you, or anything in between.