The Habibis

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The Habibis talk about movies, games, and music.

Show Notes

The Habibis talk about movies, games, and music.

00:00 Intro
02:02 Second Extinction
10:31 A Promising Young Woman
13:56 A Short Hike
18:18 Rami Waits For Mass Effect: No Man's Sky, Mirror's Edge, Mom versus Ghost of Tsushima, NieR Automata
22:20 IGF Nominations
28:18 NieR Replicant
31:30 Very Extreme Dabke

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What is The Habibis?

The Habibis is three game developers drinking some good Arab Tea for what should be about fourty minutes, inshallah, each week, inshallah. Fawzi Mesmar, Osama Dorias, and Rami Ismail discuss games and media and life as Arabs living all around the big world.