How Are Ya Now?

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Tiara and Dean chat with Aaron Farris about the Letterkenny season 4 finale: Season 4, Episode 6: Great Day for Thunder Bay.

Show Notes

Today's episode sponsored by:  Gamefully Unemployed!
You can find them at:

Guest Host:  Aaron Farris
This weeks band:  The Highway Thieves

Pre-show stuff (00:00 - 06:50):

  • A PSA:
Letterkenny and, consequently, this show are shows that support inclusivity.  If you find yourself offended by:

  • LGBTQ+ positivity
  • Feminism
  • Race equality
  • Sex positivity
Then you should look elsewhere for your entertainment.

Episode dive (06:50- 0:33:30):

  • Recap:   The Letterkenny Leave
  • Deep dive of this episode:  Great Day for Thunder Bay
Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions (0:33:30 - 0:49:39):

From our Degens:

ilike3point14 on September 10, 2019 at 6:12 pm – howareyanow.comAre The Bays really that great if they left their family and a couple of dense hockey players to hay for an all day fuck-a-thon?
Valerie Lopez - FacebookThis is a rare one for me in that I don't love this episode as a whole. I do absolutely love the ridiculous names that some of the Rez guys have when talking to Katy Kat. But I bristled on seeing the end scene with Wayne and Tanis. NO SPOILERS!! But this episode made me so mad at Wayne who up til now had been a stand-up gentleman, a good guy, real good guy. So poll for our beloved hosts & audience: When Wayne went to the barn, did you think he was up to no good or just going to chat with his "friend" Tanis?
  • Lots of "BTE" (Big Tanis Energy) in this episode.
  • Wayne saying "fucking embarrassing".
  • Was Wayne on the verge of crying when telling his Uncle Eddie/Aunt Marian story?
  • Was the rhyming based on Dr. Seuss?
  • Angie back in a season finale, as is Tanis.
  • Katy almost tells Zack and Ty her last name.
  • Tanis changed clothes before coming to confront Wayne.
  • Chugs beer after confrontation with Tanis.
  • Does Wayne realize he's flirting with Tanis?
  • Roald as Stewart's boot-black.
  • Trivia:
    • Sweater numbers for the Bay bros - 91 & 93
    • Lead the Letterkenny Jr team in Points, PIMS, and Plus-Minus.
    • Bonnie and Gail are there at the party bartending but don't have lines in the episode.
    • Bertuzzi - Todd Bertuzzi
    • Omoplata - Jiu Jitsu shoulder lock move.
    • Gino Reda
Fuck - Fight - FERDA! (0:49:39 - 1:03:00)

        • Fuck:  Tanis is the only one getting 100% of some sexy times.
        • Fight:  Another episode with no fights!
        • FERDA:   Everyone else.
Farewells and Outro:  (1:03:00 - 1:14:42)

Next Episode: Super Hard Easter

Artist of the week:  The Highway Thieves
Location:  Ogden, UT

Song: Blood & Wine
Album: Again & Again

Song: Bob Zeppelin
Album: Again & Again


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