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Kitze has a ton of experience building successful products for the web. He has also built awesome open source software and has seen, first-hand, how it can be unsustainable as an author.

In this episode, Kitze takes us through his journey building his latest app, Sizzy––the browser for designers and developers. He covers topics including how he came up with the idea for Sizzy, how he took the product to market, and the challenges he has encountered along the way. This episode is full of great advice for those wanting to build apps and generate income from them.

Show Notes

Kitze is a JavaScript developer and founder of React Academy where he teaches React and GraphQL around the world. He's the maker of Sizzy - the browser for designers and developers and he's documenting his journey building Sizzy on YouTube. He’s made products like JSUI, Twizzy, Lucky Retweet, OK Google, and more.

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What is The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast?

An interview show where I talk to programmers, developers, and coders of all types who have gone into business for themselves. I find out the secrets to their success so you can make the move into an entrepreneurial pursuit yourself.