Higher Ed Without Borders

In this July 2022 episode of Higher Ed Without Borders, Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke speak with Dr. Allan Goodman. Dr. Goodman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of International Education (IIE) and has held the position since July 1998.  IIE promotes the exchange of scholars and students, rescues scholars, students, and artists from persecution, displacement, and crises, conducts research on international academic mobility, and administers the Fulbright program sponsored by the United States Department of State.  The Institute collaborates with a wide range of corporate, government, and foundation partners across the globe.  108 of its directors, grantees, and alumni of programs administered by IIE are recipients of Nobel Prizes.
Dr. Goodman is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the selection committees for the Rhodes and Schwarzman Scholars and the Yidan Prize. He also serves on the Council for Higher Education Accreditation International Quality Group Advisory Council and the Board of Trustees of the Education Above All Foundation. Dr. Goodman has a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard, an M.P.A. from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and a B.S. from Northwestern University, and is the recipient of honorary degrees from Canadian, European, Japanese, UK, and US universities. Before joining IIE, Dr. Goodman was Executive Dean of the School of Foreign Service and a Professor at Georgetown University. His books on international relations are published by Princeton, Harvard, and Yale University presses. He has served at the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency. 

What is Higher Ed Without Borders?

Higher Ed Without Borders is a podcast series dedicated to education professionals worldwide. Each episode is a conversation with thought leaders to enlighten and provide new thoughts on critical issues facing higher education. The program is a production from Edu Alliance, an international consultancy located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Bloomington, Indiana.
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