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In the nineteenth episode of Untangled we are talking to Fabrizio Rovati, SW Platforms & Cloud Director from STMicroelectronics, also just known as ST.

ST and IOTA have been partners since summer 2019 and are especially focusing their mutual efforts around the realm of Internet of Things, also just known as IoT.

ST is a big, global company with close to 50.000 employees worldwide, and is Europe’s biggest semi conductor company.

In the interview with Fabrizio Rovati we most importantly talked about what exactly ST is doing as a company and how they are working with IOTA to enable a machine economy by merging the forces of IoT and distributed ledger technologies, such as IOTA’s Tangle.

We also heard more about ST's sustainability approach for their products and policies alike as well as some good tips on how to get started with a microcontroller and how to download the X-CUBE-IOTA1 software.

Show Notes

Get the X-CUBE-IOTA1 software package directly from ST's website
Read about implementing IOTA on STM32 from ST's blog
Watch the video about how IOTA fits the needs of the Industry 4.0

Host: Casper Eicke
Music: Øystein Skullestad

What is Untangled?

Untangled is a podcast exploring the IOTA Ecosystem and beyond. Every other week we talk to experts within their fields about how distributed ledger technology can benefit in real world use cases.