Huron City Radio Drama Presents

Tom Bobbajobski, all alone on the Little Grey Ship, has drunk too much Egg-Nog, and falls into a vivid dream on Christmas Eve.

Show Notes

It is Christmas Eve, and Tom has drunk too much Egg-Nog during his  Midnite Hour show. He is feeling all alone out on the Little Grey Ship, but then he's managed to push away the friend that was the closest and had stuck by him. 

As Tom falls into a drunken sleep, who is that dragging chains into his studio, waking him up? 

A cast of favorite Midnite Hour characters return in different guises to help Tom see the error of his ways in this absurd rendition of a much loved Christmas tale. 

What is Huron City Radio Drama Presents?

A series of 30 minute Radio Dramas originally broadcast in The Midnite Hour with Tom Bobbajobski. Tales with a supernatural undercurrent from the world of Huron City Radio, entertainment for the ears.