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In this exciting episode of Product by Design, host Kyle Evans interviews the talented and accomplished product designer, VFX artist, and author, Hussain Almossawi. The conversation centers on Almossawi's recently released book, The Innovator's Handbook, which explores his personal stories and experiences in the industry, as well as his journey from a small island home in Bahrain to New York City. Kyle and Hussain also discuss the importance of curiosity, innovation, and failure, and how they can lead to success in product design. 

The duo shares insights on the necessity of experimentation, iteration, and brainstorming without constraints in the industry. With thoughtful discussions on biomimicry, diversity, and first principles, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone pursuing product design. Join Kyle Evans and Hussain Almossawi and be inspired to ignite your own creativity and change the world. Don't forget to follow the podcast and their social media accounts for more exciting product conversations.

Hussain Almossawi:
Hussain Almossawi is a Product Designer, VFX Artist, and bestselling author based in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked on a wide range of products across different industries worldwide, including footwear, automotive, and tech. A significant part of his work has been consulting with companies such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, Google, Ford Motors, and other world-known brands.

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[00:00:12] Interview with Product Designer Hussein Elmosawi
[00:03:40] A Designer's Path to Success
[00:06:51] Self-publishing and Creative Freedom
[00:09:46] Enhancing Innovation and Creativity
[00:13:03] Laser-focusing and curiosity in innovation
[00:16:22] Curiosity & Cultural Understanding
[00:19:15] Design Leadership & First Principles Innovation
[00:22:43] Innovative Product Creation with First Principles
[00:25:56] Importance of Supportive Team in Sportswear Design
[00:28:59] Embracing Failure for Growth in Product Development
[00:32:18] Overcoming Failure in Innovation
[00:35:22] The Value of Failure in Learning
[00:38:30] Iterative Product Development for Footwear
[00:41:40] Unconstrained Innovation in Footwear Design
[00:44:55] Importance of Diversity in Creativity and Design
[00:48:40] Biomimicry in design practice
[00:52:01] Importance of Personal Story in Professional Life
[00:55:19] Book review and podcast promotion

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