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This interview is with Angel Quintana, the Founder of Sacred Anarchy (https://www.sacredanarchy.org) in which Angel and I discuss ALL the things related to the Dark Occult, Dark Magicians, Dark Priests, Satanism, the Satanic Elite and - my personal favourite - the Babylonian Money Magic.

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Hello Cosmic Souls and welcome to this interview with the amazing Angel Quintana from https://www.sacredanarchy.org.

Angel is a Mentor of mine who has such PROFOUND wisdom of the Occult, Satanism and all things TABOO that it's impossible NOT to dive down a rabbit hole with her!

I am part of The Great Rebirth Series that Angel hosts within Sacred Anarchy which has been SUCH an eyeopener into all things Dark Occultism, Satanism & being Sovereign to oneself.

You can discover more details here: https://www.sacredanarchy.org/the-great-rebirth

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is not here to create fear in you as we discuss highly controversial subjects like the Dark Occult & Satanism. It is here to FREE you. To EXPAND you. To show you the ILLUSION in the world and how we have been conditioned to be a certain way and programmed to "follow the narrative".

You can also watch the full interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Zb-D1MJt98g

The whole point of Disruptive Consciousness is to BE disruptive.

As a powerful Catalyst, I naturally trigger people. Triggering the Shadow and the Ego so that we may find the TRUTH of our Soul and our Higher Consciousness which is buried DEEP within us.

This interview discusses ALL the things related to the Dark Occult, Dark Magicians, Dark Priests, Satanism, the Satanic Elite and - my personal favourite - the Babylonian Money Magic.

Money is a system designed to keep us enslaved.

Enslaved to the system.

Money IS energy. But we have been conditioned to WORSHIP money and seek it out however which way we can.

This is not the Truth of the Higher Self and is in fact rooted in Ego/Lower Self Consciousness.

The need to satisfy one's own desires.

In this interview, we are not here to demonise money. Or sex. Or relationships etc. We are simply showing you how we've all been conditioned to behave a certain way which benefits and serves our Lower Self.

Freedom and expansion await those who can bring into balance both their Lower Self & their Higher Self.

That's what we're here to do - to be in alignment within ourselves.

You can connect further with Angel at:

- https://www.sacredanarchy.org
- https://www.sacredanarchy.org/the-great-rebirth
- https://www.instagram.com/sacredanarchy
- https://www.youtube.com/c/HolisticFashionista

She is launching Inner Temple Magick in the Fall of 2022 which you can discover more about by joining her mailing list at https://www.sacredanarchy.org.


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Leanne Juliette is a Shamanic High Priestess, Pioneering Healer, Disruptor & Powerful Catalyst for Revolutionary Self-Transformation & Healing which creates a tsunami effect of Freedom, Expansion, Self-Evolution & Illumination across all areas of your life.

She is a Shamanic Guide for those undergoing a Spiritual Death & Rebirth and her unique Magick is focussed around Destruction & Creation Energetics.

Focussing on powerful Self-Transformation, Regeneration & Healing at the Energetic Root - in the most illogical & nonsensical manner - this is High Magick.

Her Medicine is Truth.


Leanne Juliette's Medicine is powerful, direct and potently activating Truth which goes to the ENERGETIC ROOT of who you are as a Divine Being - Multidimensionally - thus creating a Tsunami Effect of Revolutionary Transformation, Quantum Healing & Higher Dimensional Consciousness Activations within you - instantaneously.
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What is Leanne Juliette?

Welcome to the podcast with your host, Leanne Juliette, powerful Catalyst, Shamanic High Priestess & Creator of Disruptive Consciousness.

I am pure fucking magic and carry powerful Galactic Medicine.

This is a Cosmic Playground for Disruptive Consciousness, Multidimensionality, Magic, Mysticism & Higher Frequency Consciousness.

This podcast is dedicated to those seeking powerful Self-Transformation, Healing, Regeneration & Freedom through Truth.

Potent fucking Truth.

Self-Transformation in the most nonsensical & illogical manner - because this is the Realm of High Magic.

Where there are no rules & no limitations.

Where we ARE the Creators of the Universe.

I am a Shamanic High Priestess and a powerful Catalyst for Destruction & Creation Energetics.

A bridge between dimensions.

One who plays in the dark, murky depths of the psyche and the Hidden Realms of the Shadows and who also swims with the stars in the Cosmos.

A Galactic Channel.

A Pioneer for Revolutionary Transformation & Disruptive Consciousness.

The Queen of the Underworld herself and Illuminator of Darkness.

I don't fuck around.

Dis-spelling Illusion wherever I go - seeing beyond the Veil of Illusion - and bringing Truth to the surface.

My Truth is Medicine to your Soul.

Powerful, disruptive & highly fucking activating Truth which penetrates the Shadows & the Illusions and invites you to step into your Higher Consciousness with me.

To reclaim your Divine Blueprint & your Freedom.

This podcast is here to DISRUPT you. To take you on a deeply shamanic journey with me into Magick, Mysticism, Multidimensionality and the Hidden Realms of the Shadows.

To expand your Consciousness by disrupting it.

Welcome to the podcast, Cosmic Souls, I’m excited to journey with you!


You can discover more about working deeper with Leanne Juliette at: https://www.leannejuliette.com.

Interested in discovering the powerful energetics of The Multidimensional Shadow?? I have a 3 hour Activation for you: https://portal.leannejuliette.com/the-multidimensional-shadow