We're happy to report that we are back and survived AWS re:Invent. As promised, re:Invent is a heavyweight of a conference and this year did not disappoint!

With 4 keynotes, over 3,000 sessions, and hundreds of new product and feature announcements, we've got a lot of ground to cover. In fact, we have so much to share with you, that we are splitting this into a special two-part mini-series.

In this episode of Mobycast, we start by recapping some of the big keynote sessions and discuss the new products and technologies that we are most excited about.

Show Notes

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In this episode, we cover the following topics:
  • re:Invent 2019 by the numbers: 65,000 attendees, 3,000+ sessions, 4 keynotes, 6 venues.
  • Recap and analysis of Monday Night Live keynote with Peter DeSantis, including:
    • What is high performance computing (HPC)?
    • How AWS is reinventing the supercomputer.
    • Why everyone should care about HPC, not just the scientists.
    • How networking advancements are paving the way forward for cluster computing and enabling entirely new types of problem solving.
    • A discussion of the Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) and the new Scalable Reliable Datagram (SRD) networking protocol as a replacement for TCP for high performance networking.
    • Using the Nitro System to enable new instance types for machine learning infrastructure, such as the P3dn, G4dn and Inf1 instance types.
    • Utilizing custom silicon to make the "Inferentia" processor, which is a high-performance ML inference chip.
  • Recap and analysis of Andy Jassy's keynote, including:
    • The theme of this year's keynote is transformation, presented via 6 theme songs.
    • "Don't wait until tomorrow" (Van Halen, "Right Now")
      • Your transformation needs to start today. The problems will only get harder, deeper tomorrow.
    • "Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time" (Queen, "Don't Stop Me Now")
      • Developers love AWS and its capabilities (175+ services, breadth & depth).
      • AWS is rapidly innovating its compute capabilities with new instance types (driven by Nitro System) and new ways of running containers (including the just announced Fargate for EKS).
    • "Is that all you get for your money?" (Billy Joel, "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)")
      • You need to modernize your technology stack. Get off mainframes, migrate away from the old guard databases with their licensing tricks, and switching from Windows to Linux.
    • "The hunger keeps on growing" (Dave Matthews Band, "Too Much")
      • Data is exploding, and customers are moving from data silos to data lakes, with S3 the most popular choice for data lakes.
      • New feature, Amazon S3 Access Points, helps make giving access to S3 data easier on a per user/application basis.
      • AWS is a leader in analytics infrastructure with Athena, EMR, Redshift, ElastiSearch, Kinesis, and QuickSight.
      • AWS is investing heavily in its Redshift platform, with many new features announced including the ability to now manage compute and storage separately using the new Redshift RA3 instances.

End Song
You Just Can’t, by Roy England

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