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Like many writers, P.A. Cornell discovered her passion for writing at a young age, but without a strong network of writers around her to teach her the ropes, it wouldn’t be until much later when she would devote herself to writing full-time. Currently, she specializes in character driven science-fiction and has dozens of short stories published as well as multiple others about to be published. Her debut novella, Lost Cargo, is set to be released this September 12th; listen to this latest episode to find out what it’s about, what the writing experience was like, and the lessons she’s learned from her journey.

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Quick Note: In the conversation, the host refers to this article on and incorrectly attributes it to R.F. Kuang.  The article is written by SL Huang, but was edited by R.F. Kuang.  Apologies for the error.

Early Speculative Love [00:00-11:00]: PA reveals her early experience writing speculative fiction and the works that nourished her love for the genre. 

Short Stories Concepts [11:00-25:00]: To plan or not to plan? PA explains the inspiration and writing process behind some of her most popular short stories. 

Novella Baggage [25:00-31:40]: Pantsing a short story is easy. Pantsing a novella? Not so much. PA discusses how she switched gears in order to write her debut novella and what she learned from that process. 

Getting Her Foot In The Door [31:40-40:00]: Growing up, PA was always a lone writer, isolated from the Canadian writer’s community at large. All of that changed after she was invited to attend a writer’s workshop during college. 

Leveling Up [40:00-52:30]: What’s in store for the future? PA shares ways she has been challenging herself as a writer and why her current project is unlike any other she’s written so far. 

Advice For Other Writers [52:30-]: Should you write with a certain market in mind? How should writers deal with rejections? For the final leg of this episode, PA advises other writers on these questions and more. 

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We speak with speculative fiction writers, new and established, to tease out what inspired them, how they work, what kind of beverage keeps them going, how they think about their work and their relationship to it, and much more.