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What if you can successfully pivot during this pandemic? Kellee interviews three entrepreneurs who share their approach that has worked for them in their pivot at this time.

Show Notes

Sharon Zimmerman talks with Kellee about how she is evolving her jewelry business, now that there can no longer be in-person interaction.  She shares how she is embracing this new reality, rather than fight it.

Emily Jenks started as an attorney, who pivoted to creating and growing a photography business into a 6-figure income, only for it to fall off a cliff, during this pandemic. She shares with Kellee how she is pivoting again in her business. 

Heather Farris went from making $12 per hour at an office job to now making closer to a 6-figure income. She discusses with Kellee, how she is able to create this revenue stream through self-teaching and creating a virtual assistant business that focuses on digital marketing support. 

What is Spark?

Spark, hosted by Kellee Marlow, on KXSF.FM in San Francisco, focuses on curated conversations with change-leaders and influencers- to inform minds, inspire ideas and ignite innovation. Basically, conversations that enable us to transcend beyond what we believe we are capable of.