THIS IS PERSONAL: Rewinding a Life with Dan Simon

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Leora found her true calling 30 years ago when she left a career in law to follow her calling to become a Matchmaker; dedicating herself to helping people find true love. A beautiful portrait of a person taking risks to follow her passion.

Show Notes

Leora was born in Israel as a child of holocaust survivors. She learned from her parents the true meaning of resilience and how to travel through life with courage and boldness. From early on she was an advocate for people. She began her career in law, working at the Philadelphia DA's office in the domestic violence unit. But after the birth of her second child, she decided to leave her law career and become an exclusive Matchmaker long before the online world offered their version of how to find true love. Today her business is still thriving because of her ability to get to know her clients and offer matches based on intuition, analysis, and her own brand of magic. 
In the conversation, you will learn much about Leora's journey and much about how to manifest successful, happy relationships.  
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What is THIS IS PERSONAL: Rewinding a Life with Dan Simon?

"This is Personal" looks at the intimate details of a person's life through appreciative inquiry. We delve deep to find out how they got to this singular point in their lives. What are the events, the stories that influenced how their life has worked out? Have they used their past as a weapon or as a gift? By allowing a guest to share their story authentically, we gain both compassion and inspiration from their struggles and successes. And hopefully insight on what we might become as well.