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We are writers when we’re writing. Yet, in an ever-changing publishing landscape saturated with thousands of new releases every year, sometimes it can be difficult to find and keep your “mojo”.
Kim and Catherine discuss the pros and cons of the writing life and what keeps the amber's burning enough to push forward, discovering that it takes a whole lot passion, belief and drive to keep persisting in the writing game.

Show Notes

Creativity Prompt: I am a writer when I am writing. I will write today and be who I am.
Tell us: What fuels your creative fire?
Patti Roberts’ (Paradox Book Designs) recent message to Kim: “Love it when people are passionate about what they do. Makes the air around them crackle and sparkle with energy. You sparkle the shit out of it.” 

What Fuels Your Creative Fire? - Whispering Ink:
7 Reasons Why Writers Write, and You Should Too. by Jonathon Isbill via The Writing Cooperative @Medium. 
Paradox Book Cover Designs: 
YouTube Channel:

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What is Creative Writing Energy ?

Conversations about the writer’s life, craft and alternative practices with Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans.