Fired Before Christmas

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We all have to start somewhere. This is the first episode of the Fired Before Christmas podcast. It's just me talking about why I'm doing this, a bit of background on my own experience being downsized, and other fun bits of trivia about me.

Show Notes

In this episode, you'll get to know why I'm doing this and a little bit about my own downsizing experience. I'll talk about where I came up with the name, and some of the goals I have going forward.

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What is Fired Before Christmas?

Fired Before Christmas is a podcast focused on job seekers, namely the unemployed. We do weekly interviews with people looking for work or people who can help those currently seeking employment. Each interview is an opportunity for our guests to share their stories with our audience, provide insights, and encourage others as they go through their own journey. Each interview is an opportunity for our listeners to discover new talent, or learn about new ideas or tricks that people are utilizing in their job search efforts.

Our goal is to humanize the hiring experience by bringing a voice to those looking for work!