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"Every single day in Indonesia, the equivalent of one airbus plane full of 423 babies crashes - the direct result of formula feeding. We can save almost all these babies (and mother's) lives by promoting gentle birth and breastfeeding with midwives." In this special LIVE episode, Midwife Ibu Robin Lim, CPM is joined by the nation's breastfeeding expert advocates, Pediatrician, Ibu Dr. Utami Roesli, FABM; Journalist and Doula, Ibu Dyah Pratitasari, CD (DONA); Lactation Consultant, Ibu Nia Umar, IBCLC; Family Practice Doctor Ibu Dr. Hikmah Kuniasari, MD, MPH; Mother and Birth Center Administrator Ibu Eka Yuliani; and Non-profit Grant Writer Ibu Jenni Maria. #utamiroesli #asieksklusif

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What is Worldwide Midwifery Podcast?

Midwives from all around the world share work conditions, political landscape, community support, and health metrics where they work as well as some amazing birth stories and clinical updates!
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