The Mindset Mile

If you're someone who has been victim of diet culture, yoyo'd with different diets, sifts through the ever changing information about the newest food trends but still can't find balance between eating what you love without it feeling like a total sacrifice, this one's for you. Tune into this conversation with licensed nutritionist Jenny Blake to learn about optimizing your nutrition to best fuel your body, create your shape but most importantly, take back control of food instead of it having control over you. We discuss how to overcome emotional and stress eating, how to better understand what foods make up protein, carbohydrates and fat and how to use this knowledge to create your best relationship with food, while also getting the shape you desire.

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  • [6:11] What are macros? For newbies.
  • [10:19] How can learning about macros be implemented into a lifestyle change?
  • [14:03] Food does not need to control you.
  • [19:27] What should people be asking? What should the focus be?
  • [26:13] Advice for people who  may stress eat or eat emotionally.
  • [32:44] We tend to push negative emotions aside, but it is important to recognize them.
  • [33:38] Eating and working out - when is it best to be eating what?
  • [38:49] Where does protein come into play?
  • [42:13] How do we work everything we've discussed into a lifestyle that is manageable?
  • [48:49] Where to find Jenny.

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What is The Mindset Mile?

I'm Aisha Zaza and my purpose is to help others build better habits towards living their best and healthiest life. For the first 30 episodes of this podcast, you will be challenged to walk or run one mile a day while listening to the corresponding daily episode where we will discuss how mindset shifts can transform all aspects of life from health, fitness, relationships, business and well being. Why one mile? Because it's as simple to do as it is to not do, and therein lies the difference. We will dismantle the idea that to achieve goals you must take quantum leaps towards them and instead take small, consistent actions over time. I believe wholeheartedly that everything you need to reach the happiness and success you desire is already within you and through our time together you will be empowered to know this truth, too. It's time to take action towards your goals because if not now, when? Someday is not a day of the week and you were made for greatness. It will be a marathon, not a sprint - and together we will take it one step, one mile, one day at a time. Welcome to The Mindset Mile. You ready?