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As we heard in the Global Trade & Supply Chain episode of Untangled a few weeks back, supply chains are complex systems that currently lack transparency.

Increasing supply chain transparency is a tricky task and exposing this transparency to consumers is even more difficult.

But what if consumers could demand transparency?

Today, consumers want to make informed choices about the products they purchase.

Particularly in the food and fashion industry, provenance data can help consumers assess the authenticity and sustainability of their shopping.

Public distributed ledgers, such as IOTA's Tangle, can help manufacturers open up supply chain data to their customers.

Storing the data on distributed ledgers allows any customer to access it either from a dedicated app or with a simple web interface, without sharing any personal data.

In the fashion industry, producing the garments can be a deadly task and more and more brands are seeking to showcase their sustainability.

The food industry can be equally fatal, also on the consumer's end, for instance when allergen labels are incorrect.

EVRYTHNG and Primority are two companies that are both addressing these issues and have both partnered up with IOTA to add an additional layer of digital trust for their customers.

James Flynn and Dominique Guinard, both CTO's and co-founders in respectively Primority and EVRYTHNG, are sharing insights from their expert domains and telling more about how they are working with IOTA and the Tangle.

Show Notes

Host: Casper Eicke
Music: Øystein Skullestad

Watch our animated video about how IOTA's Tangle can revolutionize the global supply chains
Watch Dominique Guinard from EVRYTHNG talking about the partnership with IOTA
Learn more about Primority on their website
Check out EVRYTHNG's own website

What is Untangled?

Untangled is a podcast exploring the IOTA Ecosystem and beyond. Every other week we talk to experts within their fields about how distributed ledger technology can benefit in real world use cases.