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Product discovery is critical for understanding users and delivering the right product to the right customers. In this episode, we talk with Anjali, a product manager at Clearlink who tells us about her experience using product discovery techniques to uncover user needs and create the right user experiences. We talk about the importance of product discovery, some product discovery techniques, and how product discovery is changing in our remote working world.

Show Notes

What is product discovery?
  • It is the process of building great products
  • It is about building the right product and ensuring we build the product right
Why is product discovery important?
  • We need to address risks in product development
How do we do product discovery?

How does remote work impact product discovery?
  • We need to think about communication
What are some examples?

What is Product by Design?

A podcast about product management, user experience design, and how we can create the best product experiences for users and our businesses.